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Episode #272

How to Ask Excellent Questions: Nailing Interviews, Networking and Negotiations

According to LinkedIn, 70% of the global workforce isn’t actively job searching, but 87% are open to new opportunities.

This reflects a universal truth in the professional world – many are passively open to new job opportunities, yet they rarely actively pursue them.

It’s a common trap that I see even the most ambitious leaders fall into: passively waiting, relying on people in their existing networks to approach them, or counting on that internal promotion that’s ‘just around the corner’.

If you have any ambition to climb the ladder, it’s time to make a choice:

Are you going to remain passive, and let someone else dictate the pace and flow, or are you going to step into the void and take control?

If you’re ready to increase the level of control you have over your career, I encourage you to listen to this week’s podcast episode.

It’s an exclusive replay of a live training session that I ran yesterday called, ‘The Art of Asking: Networking, Interviewing, and Negotiating with Precision’.

This episode will give you a taste of how to regain control in your own job search process, and craft your own questions to suit any situation!

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Episode #272 How to Ask Excellent Questions: Nailing Interviews, Networking and Negotiations

Nailing interviews, networking and negotiations

In today’s competitive job market, standing out to potential employers requires more than a stellar resume and solid experience.

It’s about showcasing your ability to think critically and engage meaningfully. One powerful way to do this is through strategic questioning, a skill that can transform every phase of your job search.

This week I hosted a 60-minute free training called, The Art of Asking: Networking, Interviewing, and Negotiating with Precision, which focused on empowering professionals to take control of their career journeys through strategic questioning.

For more insights and detailed strategies on how to navigate your job search with confidence, watch the replay for free here.

This resource was designed to equip you with practical tools and techniques to take control of your career path and land your dream job.

Want the cliff notes of the training? Keep reading!

Why Questions Matter

Questions are more than just tools for obtaining information; they’re a reflection of your thinking process, priorities, and professionalism. Well-crafted questions demonstrate curiosity, insight, and the ability to engage deeply with topics.

In job hunting, this means differentiating yourself in interviews, making impactful connections in networking, and negotiating terms that align with your career goals.

The Power of Purposeful Questions

Effective questions are purposeful and thought-provoking. They go beyond surface-level inquiries, delving into the core of the subject. In an interview, for instance, asking about the company’s future challenges or the team’s dynamic can provide insights that aren’t apparent in the job description. This approach not only shows your depth of thought but also your genuine interest in the role and the organization.

Networking and Negotiating with Questions

Networking and negotiations also benefit from strategic questioning. In networking, asking about industry trends or seeking advice can establish meaningful connections which uncover job opportunities that would otherwise remain hidden. During negotiations, questions about growth opportunities or flexibility in job terms can lead to a more satisfying and mutually beneficial employment contract.

Crafting Your Questions

Creating impactful questions involves a balance of clarity, relevance, and engagement. They should be open-ended, inviting detailed responses, and tailored to the context of the discussion. This skill, like any other, improves with practice and thoughtful application.

If you’re an ambitious leader, looking to delve deeper into asking the right questions during your job search, our recent training, “The Art of Asking: Networking, Interviewing, and Negotiating with Precision” is now available to watch.

Watch The ReplayWatch The Replay



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